From academics to athletics and students鈥 wellbeing, Addition Financial Credit Union鈥檚 longtime philanthropic support of UCF has made a remarkable impact on campus and in the community.

UCF is honored to announce Addition Financial as the first financial institution to be recognized as a Pegasus Partner. Addition Financial joins AdventHealth, Orlando Health and Nemours Children鈥檚 Health as organizations that share the university鈥檚 vision and commitment to continuing to lead the region in key industries such as aerospace, engineering, defense, optics, digital media, finance and healthcare. Pegasus Partners engage across the university in ways that create meaningful value for both organizations, including talent development and recruitment, shared research projects, joint ventures and strategic philanthropy.

鈥淲e are grateful for this new level of partnership between Addition Financial and UCF,鈥 says 亚洲成人视频 President Alexander N. Cartwright. 鈥淎s our newest Pegasus Partner, we look forward to continuing our longstanding collaboration to create opportunities for UCF students and faculty and to improve outcomes for individuals across our community through the transformative power of education.鈥

鈥淲e are grateful for this new level of partnership between Addition Financial and UCF.鈥 鈥斞侵蕹扇耸悠 President Alexander N. Cartwright

As a new Pegasus Partner, Addition Financial generously supports the, the new and expanded home for UCF’s College of Nursing that is anticipated to open in Fall 2025 and that will help the university graduate 150 much-needed additional nurses each year. They’re also a core supporter of UCF Downtown, where students gain invaluable real-world experiences in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

By investing in UCF Downtown, which opened five years ago, the credit union helped the university partner with Valencia College to establish a campus that is now home to the nation鈥檚 top-ranked graduate video game design and emergency management programs. Students benefit from many internship and job opportunities in industries, as well as government and nonprofit offices, located in or near downtown Orlando.

Addition Financial Arena has hosted major UCF basketball wins and sold-out crowds, including the men鈥檚 basketball team’s upset over No. 3 Kansas last season in its first-ever Big 12 home game. Over the past five years, the arena has hosted 1.4 million visitors 聽for university commencement ceremonies, basketball home games, concerts and other events.

In total, Addition Financial鈥檚 philanthropic support of UCF, as well as its projects and programs, has exceeded $25.8 million throughout the course of 20 years. The credit union has operated a branch on UCF鈥檚 main campus since 1971.

With a strategic eye on preparing students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, Addition Financial is collaborating with UCF to grow its internship program. They鈥檙e working to engage annually in student research projects within multiple colleges, and to expand how the company uses faculty expertise to respond to key business challenges and opportunities.

鈥淎ddition Financial鈥檚 longstanding and successful partnership with UCF speaks volumes to the deep commitment we share in improving the Central Florida community,鈥 says Kevin Miller, president and CEO of Addition Financial Credit Union. 鈥淎s a credit union founded nearly 90 years ago by educators, witnessing UCF unleashing the true potential of its students, Addition Financial is proud to be the first financial institution to be a 亚洲成人视频 Pegasus Partner.鈥

Like UCF, Addition Financial strongly believes in the power of education to transform lives. That philosophy drives the credit union鈥檚 support for UCF, as well as its focus on financial literacy. The state-chartered credit union was founded in 1937 by a group of 23 educators who aimed to create a better financial alternative for its members. The credit union has completed more than $60,000 in K-12 classroom renovations and grants and more than $70,000 in scholarships annually through the Addition Financial Foundation.

鈥淔or more than a decade, Addition Financial has been part of the College of Business student experience through professional development workshops, internship opportunities and support for our young entrepreneurs through sponsorship of the Joust,鈥 says 聽Paul Jarley says. 鈥淜evin and his team have also been at the forefront of our efforts to introduce our faculty to the community through sponsorship of our Dean鈥檚 Speaker Series in downtown Orlando. Recognition as a Pegasus Partner is very well-deserved, and we are grateful for their support.鈥

An Environment of Excellence

Addition Financial鈥檚 substantial contributions have enhanced the student experience and created an environment of excellence, goals that UCF hopes will attract additional Pegasus Partners. UCF alumni account for the largest part of the team at Addition, from interns to leadership, and even make up the majority of its board of directors.

To encourage the mutually beneficial relationship and regular conversations that already exist between UCF and Addition Financial, UCF has created the President鈥檚 Industry Advisory Council, where representatives of the Pegasus Partners program will hold a seat, providing input to President Cartwright and exchanging ideas with other members of the Council on topics of current interest to the university and its partners.

Joining the new President鈥檚 Industry Advisory Council will be Kevin Miller, president and chief executive officer of Addition Financial.

Miller, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Emory Law School in Atlanta, has worked at Addition Financial since 2004. His personal philanthropic and community involvement also involves UCF; his wife, Kari Miller 鈥04MEd is an alumna. Together, the Millers have also supported 亚洲成人视频 for more than 20 years, including the and the UCF Student Housing Insecurity Fund, the College of Community Innovation and Education, UCF Downtown, and the College of Nursing. 聽Another of the Millers鈥 major areas of interest includes

Miller is an elected director for UCF Foundation Inc. and serves on the UCF Downtown Executive Advisory Council. He is also past chairman of the Foundation for Seminole County Schools and a board member for A Gift for Teaching and the Galileo School for Gifted Learning.

With an obvious passion for education, especially for public education, Miller enjoys engaging with UCF and, together with his wife, bringing their children to sporting events, UCF Celebrates the Arts, the Dean鈥檚 Speaker Series and the university鈥檚 theatre program.

“UCF and Addition Financial have transformed countless lives together, but today, this powerful partnership spreads its wings to truly soar,鈥 says Rodney Grabowski, senior vice president for Advancement and Partnerships and CEO of the UCF Foundation. 鈥淥ur collective vision for the future includes an expansion of the Addition Financial internship program and the 2025 grand opening of the Dr. Phillips Nursing Pavilion, both of which expound on our commitment to fuel Central Florida’s talent pipeline and workforce for the future. We鈥檒l spark new mutually beneficial connections between industry, students and faculty by further engaging them in student research projects and growing upon how the company uses faculty expertise to respond to key business challenges and opportunities. Their designation as a Pegasus Partner represents a new and exciting chapter that we can all expect incredible impact from.鈥